Types Of Distractions You Can Control

Types Of Distractions You Can Control



In virtually any line of work, you have distractions that you must overcome. An entrepreneur will especially have distractions that he/she will have to overcome. Some of these distractions are ones you can definitely control.

In this day and age of social media, virtually everyone is on Facebook and even other social media networks (Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.) constantly. These sites will continuously have new content being posted from all of the users on these networks, and these networks are configured to alert you instantly whenever there is new content available on the network.



Its human nature to want to know what is going on with family, friends, and/or fans/followers on social media networks. Therefore, whenever you get a notification that you have new content posted or a new friend request, you want to check what it is or who it is.

Unfortunately, this will take your focus away from your work. Thus, you have the ability to not log onto your social media accounts while you are working on tasks and projects. Leave your social media accounts to your breaks during work and/or when you are not working; let your family, friends, fans, and followers know this policy so that they understand why you dont respond to their content as they post it.

A similar approach can be employed with your email accounts as well, such as Gmail and/or Hotmail. Both of these email accounts give you notifications of when new mail arrives or when a person wants to chat with you. You can stay logged out of those accounts when you are working, or you can choose to be logged in and mute or deactivate the notification features when you receive new mail or a new chat request. It would be wise to keep the window behind your work or minimized on your taskbar (if you are working on a computer) to ensure your focus remains on your work, not on your email account.

Turning the notifications and ringer off of your mobile phone is another distraction you can control. This way, you stay focused on your work and do not lose concentration on what you are trying to accomplish.

Therefore, the distractions listed above are ones you can definitely control to keep them from slowing you down when you are completing tasks and projects. It is up to you to take the initiative and stop these distractions from happening so you can produce the best quality work you can as efficiently as possible.





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