I started intermittent fasting last week and so far it has been fantastic. In a short number of days, I’ve seen my abs pop like never before and strangely, the lack of food seems to afford me a ton of mental clarity that has been making me more productive in my work.

But this was a hard choice. You see a few years ago, my sister talked about starting the 2/5 diet – a form of intermittent fasting – and I swore against it. I was worried she was messing with her hormones and I told her it was dangerous.

I’ve done a complete 180 and changed my mind. I had to eat my words. Even as I’m not allowing myself to eat lunch…But while this might not feel great, I needed to do this. It was actually after a fair amount of consideration and deliberation but making that decision meant I was able to try something that I wouldn’t have otherwise and benefit as a result.

Say Goodbye to the Old You

This is something that many of us struggle to do, however. All too often, we want to present ourselves as being reliable. We want people to ‘know where they stand’ with us. We want there to be in what we do and say.

And we want to be somehow ‘loyal’ to the version of us from the past. But the reality is that life demands change. We need to adapt, to evolve, and to grow to become the best versions of ourselves. Let’s say you always wanted to be an actor. Let’s say that that was your dream from a young age. But what if you’re now in your 30s and you don’t feel that way anymore?

Some people would pursue that same old goal just to remain faithful to their old selves and to demonstrate that they are people who stick to their goals and beliefs.

What if you have been strongly right-wing your whole life and now you’re feeling a little left-wing?

Ultimately, mind growth requires change. If you’re going to develop your philosophies and yourself, then you need to be willing to change.
And if you limit what you ‘allow’ yourself to want and what you ‘allow’ yourself to believe, then you will end up limiting yourself and putting restrictions on what you can accomplish. Free yourself to change and grow and incredible things can happen!