Self-Reinforcing Traffic Streams for Clickbank Promotions?

Self-Reinforcing Traffic Streams for Clickbank Promotions?

A lot of people are under the impression that traffic is something that is not much different from pork bellies, potatoes, wheat, or rice. In other words, they look at traffic as this raw ingredient for making money online.

This raw ingredient, like highly processed flour or wheat, or rice, can be bought anywhere at any time. This is, after all, just the raw ingredient for online income. If this is your thinking, join the club. I can’t even begin to tell you how many people share your ideas. They think that making money with Clickbank is really all about setting up a conversion system.

traffic is the most important part

As long as all the parts are there, then the system will work and all they need to do is add traffic. They lack imagination, resourcefulness, and creativity. This is why their first instinct is to buy the traffic. This is a very dangerous mindset. It really is. If you want to avoid bankruptcy, you might want to step away from this type of thinking.

Please understand that traffic is not an afterthought. In fact, I would argue that traffic is the most important part of your Clickbank revenue system. I know that may seem like a shock to a lot of people. After all, they’ve had the idea drilled into their heads all these years that they have to create the right website and the right system first, and then they just add the traffic.

It’s actually the other way around. You find the traffic first and then you build a business around it. If you are able to do this, then the traffic that you managed to get from such a system is not one-time traffic. You know exactly what I’m talking about. When you pull traffic randomly from all over the web, these people check out your website and they quickly bounce out.

In fact, in many cases, they don’t even bother to read your website. They couldn’t care less. Clicking that link was an accident. Do yourself a big favor. Build your business around existing traffic and use content to create self-reinforcing mechanisms and loyalty-building features that would get people to not only visit your website once but stay on your website for a long time.

Set it up so they end up liking your content so much that they come back again and again. To get the inside scoop on how important the self-reinforcing traffic systems are to your Clickbank promotions business, click here.

Let me clue you in on one key self-reinforcing or self-repeating traffic: mailing list traffic. If you are serious about truly leveraging the conversion value of your traffic, you need to build a list. You really do. In fact, this should be one of the things you need to think about right after you put up your Clickbank content site.

You have to understand that the vast majority of visitors you’ll ever get to your pages will never come back. They just click and they leave. Either you convert them then and there or you’ll lose them forever. To get chance after chance to convert this traffic into cold hard cash, get as many of them to join your mailing list. When you send an update, there is a very big chance that some of the traffic you would have otherwise lost permanently will come back to your site. Also, when you send an update, there’s a chance some of your list members would click on the CB affiliate links in your email content. Leverage your hard-earned traffic today!

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