Everyone wants to lose weight but it seems that only a very small fraction of people can do that satisfyingly and effectively. So many people start diets that they never see through that it would lead you to believe that no diet is effective.

But of course, this isn’t true. Of course, there are ways you can diet and be effective but the key lies more with the mindset and the approach rather than the specifics of the diet. In this post, we’ll look at what that means.

The Reason Diets Fail

The reason diets fail is because people approach them in the wrong way. They approach diets as short-term solutions and quick fixes. The fact that people often describe themselves as being ‘on’ a diet, is just a clue that at some point in the future, they expect to be off said diet.

Even when they start diets without this mindset, they often still end up quitting the diet before they get anywhere with it, simply because it isn’t properly designed to fit into their lifestyle.

Let’s take something like intermittent fasting or ketogenic diets. Both of these are great diets. Both of them can be effective and burn through fat quickly while providing other health benefits.

But at the same time, these diets will also leave you with zero ‘wiggle room’. What many of the people who recommend these diets don’t realize, is just how much of a role your social life has in your diet.

Because eating isn’t just something we do to fuel and sustain ourselves – it’s something we do in social settings. Most romantic dates involve food, and most meetings with friends involve food. And most evenings, you will probably share meals with your family.

If you sit there sipping black tea, then it’s not exactly very social!


So the solution is not to choose the diet that will help you lose weight the fastest, but the diet that you can stick to. My advice? Diet at breakfast and lunch. Cut your calories at this point to such a degree that you can afford to eat more at dinner.

Why? Because breakfast and lunch are the most functional meals of the day. We eat them in a hurry, we eat them on our breaks. But dinner is social and dinner is when we want to enjoy our food. That’s what works for me anyway, but it’s all about finding what works for you.