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How To Deal With A Break Up From A Positive Point Of View

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How To Deal With A Break Up From A Positive Point Of View

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Do you know how to deal with a break up? Are you one of those rare people who have the ability to sweep it all under the carpet and move on, almost as if nothing had happened? Or, are you one of the countless people who endure this kind of heartache and heartbreak on any given day in the world all around us.

Breaking up is never easy and can trigger some major changes in your life. It can seem as if the world is about to end at one moment, but after the passage of time you will come to realize that things do happen for a reason.

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There is no text book way to deal with a break up, but there is plenty of good advice which should help you to get through it. The first thing that you need to realize is that many of the feelings that you are experiencing are part of the process. You might feel that you’re going through withdrawal and essentially, you are. It certainly helps to be as emotionally, spiritually and mentally strong as you can and this will help to cut down the amount of time that you spend in this withdrawal stage.

When we feel hurt, a certain part of us wants to strike back and to defend ourselves. If you’re able to count on a good friend don’t be afraid to let some of those emotions free, but never resort to anger as this is truly counterproductive from all perspectives.

When a breakup occurs it’s never any good to apportion blame. Certainly, we can identify the reasons behind this, as long as we are rational and to a certain extent, independent in our views and judgments. If we are realistic in this way then we can often uncover some good information that can help us to put things right as we move forward. For example, it could be that we have been in denial and that certain actions, or the lack of them, have led to this break up in the first place.

Sometimes, we never realize that we are doing something wrong until the repercussions actually confront us. There are countless examples of people who split up or drift apart as they are not concentrating on what is going on, in real terms. For these people, the actual breakup itself is a good thing. After all, it brings them both to their senses and makes them focus on the inadequacies of the relationship to that point. It may well all have started off nicely, but things have undoubtedly gone adrift.

Be honest. You could deal with the break up in your relationship if you were able to look back at it, from in the future, and point to the breakup as being the moment when you realized that changes were necessary for the better. Sometimes it’s difficult to see the potential benefits, when it seems that from a relationship point of view it ought to be the end of the world!

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