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How to Deal With a Break Up – 3 Questions You Must Ask

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How to Deal With a Break Up – 3 Questions You Must Ask

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Whatever you do – DON’T PANIC!!!! If you already panicked, don’t worry. Everyone does, including yours truly. When we lose a huge part of your lives like that we all just go a little haywire. Whether you want to get back together or are simply too confused to think, the most important thing is to stop all of your gut reactions.

Your instincts just don’t work in this situation. Then, ask yourself a few questions in order to deal with your break up:

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Why Did We Break Up?

You’ll need to answer this question to be at peace with yourself in the future. Most people believe that their break-up is the result a huge fight or an infidelity.

Actually, these are only symptoms of a deeper problem. These problems creep into every kind of relationship without anyone noticing all the time. They aren’t usually anyone’s fault, but just a result of common misunderstandings. The fact is that fully 97.1% of relationships end over these misunderstandings, meaning: you can save them.

To find the real cause, try to think back and remember how good it used to feel to hold your love. Remember exactly how you felt the last time you were having a great time smiling and laughing together. Then, think ahead from that day and try to remember when those feelings stopped. You should be able to find some other kind of change around that time, and that will be the deep cause.

What Is Causing My Feelings Now?

Break-ups are times of many different feelings, so it’s important to figure out where they are coming from. Take a look at the way you feel and try to figure out why. That way, you can eliminate those problems and deal with your break-up happily.

It’s completely possible that you feel angry or afraid because you miss your ex. That is natural. You see that you’re losing love. You might sense that it will be almost impossible to find it again, and that it will never be the same. If that is the case, it might be a good idea to find out how to get your ex back.

What Do I Really Want?

Answering this question will allow you to continue happily. There are a couple of options. You might want to find out more about how to get over a break-up if you aren’t so sure about reconciliation.

On the other hand, like I said before, almost every relationship can be saved. It’s really hard to know how, but, luckily, some people have figured out an exact step-by-step plan that you can guarantee will work! But, I also learned that you have to take action before time pushes your ex farther away.

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