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Category: Black History Month

A collection of articles written by Henry Starks in celebration of Black History Month.

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Booker T. Washington
50 0 02 Mar 2018
As you travel this great nation, it is no accident you will…
Brown versus the Board of Education
33 0 01 Mar 2018
In 1951, thirteen families in the small community of Topeka, Kansas got…
The Halls of Power
43 0 28 Feb 2018
Black history has been a progressive climb from without the lowest echelons…
The Rainbow Coalition
37 0 27 Feb 2018
The struggle for freedom and equality for African Americans is one that…
Laughter That Heals
45 0 26 Feb 2018
The great thing about the history of black America and the methods…
Thurgood Marshall
52 0 23 Feb 2018
In the long history of uphill struggle for blacks in America, there…
Affirmative Action
102 1 22 Feb 2018
The history of the growth of equality for African Americans in America…
The Fifteenth Amendment
44 0 21 Feb 2018
When the Civil War came to an end, it was important to…
Equal Opportunity Legislation with Some Teeth
42 0 20 Feb 2018
On June 11, 1963, President John F. Kennedy set the stage for…