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Secrets to Affiliate to Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing

The first question is to understand what affiliate marketing is and why you should be doing it. Let’s start with the CONCEPT.

The concept of affiliate marketing is simple: You are selling a product or service for others. Being an affiliate marketer means you are selling other people’s products and services to your email list for commission. Yes, you are doing the marketing campaign for other vendor’s products to be sold to the public.

In other words, affiliate marketing gives you the avenue to earn commissions by promoting other people’s or companies’ products. You can start by choosing a product you like, promote it in the most efficient way you can, and make a sizable profit for your efforts. It’s as easy as pie right?

Through affiliate marketing, you are able to accomplish three things for three different people. First, you are making yourself feel good for earning a commission. Second, you’re helping a company or other people to gain new customers that they don’t already have. Finally, you are making a new satisfying experience for your customers for discovering a product from you that can really be helpful and desirable.

Let’s make it clear. Affiliate marketing doesn’t have to be expensive and complicated. In fact, it can be done quickly with a profitable outcome without the need for a big email list to drive traffic to the offer and doesn’t need to have a huge budget. So, without having to need those things, what should we have to make a profit from affiliate marketing?

A sense of creativity and a good work ethic will take you a long way when you apply them to the proper strategies. Remember, that you don’t have to create your own product, because someone else already did! Since you are not the one creating the product, you also don’t need to invest your own time and effort in creating the product to sell. And since it’s not your product you don’t need to provide any kind of support.

If you are ready to commit to putting in a few hours to learn the proper strategies to stand out from the crowd, you can start promoting quality products as an affiliate and start earning commissions as soon as today. All you have to do is send traffic through an affiliate link to that product. Then wait just wait for the money to roll in. The next question here is how you are going to be paid out for sending all these new customers to the product creator.

Selling products for other people means that you are earning for yourself as well without the headaches of being a product vendor. So, everyone who does affiliate marketing needs to have an affiliate link where all your payments and purchases made are tracked. Then you get paid with commissions based on the number of sales. An affiliate network serves to work as the middleman between affiliates and the business affiliate programs.

An affiliate network helps the website publishers or the affiliates to look for affiliate programs that are suitable for their website or following and participate in these programs for the purpose of generating income out of their products. So, the main role of these affiliate programs is to gain a larger audience by allowing other websites offering affiliate programs and do the promotion to all other affiliates or publishers participating within an affiliate network.

As what we have mentioned about how an affiliate gets paid, affiliate networks give away for the entrepreneurs to offer a share for affiliates based on how much revenue is produced by the vendors coming from visitors to affiliates’ sites who are usually doing purchasing and other things that require a fee. Affiliate networks serve entrepreneurs in many ways such as tracking technology, reporting tools, processing of payments, and connections to more affiliates and publishers.

Finding the Best Affiliate Offers to Promote

You’ll need to be prepared for this because at this point it’s pretty much possible that you still have only a vague idea of what you are going to promote on your Amazon affiliate website. If you were thinking about promoting stuff based on those things that you specifically like in your niche, you will need to change your perspective, right now!

That is because when you promote things to drive sales through your Amazon affiliate website, you need to promote stuff that is easily profitable. Hence, to make money on your niche website, you’ll need to promote stuff that people already like and are already buying by the ton!

Yeah, we know that you have your preferences when it comes to certain products and the niche that you chose to promote, but you need to rethink your strategy. Again, if you promote something that is being backed by powerful reviews and positive, strong reception, you’ll make more money. How do you know what affiliate offers are best to promote? Let’s take a look.

Finding the best sellers 

This is perhaps the best way to find affiliate offers to promote on your Amazon affiliate niche website. Once you settle on a niche to promote and base your entire website around, the best strategy is to populate it only with the best of the best in your target market of choice.

To find the best sellers for your niche on, go to the homepage and place your pointer over the “departments” menu. Select your niche from the category display menu and click on the subcategory that best fits the products that you plan to promote on your affiliate website.

Now, click on the “best sellers” tab in the top bar menu. Every product category on Amazon has a bestsellers list, and we recommend you look at it on a regular basis to see if there is something worth checking out to promote and monetize.

As you can see on the right side of the screen, there are other ways to find hot items to promote; including hot new releases, most wished for items, and gift ideas. If you want to see a full list of best sellers in all categories, simply click on the “any department” button on the left.

The following page will show you a partial list with a handful of best sellers from each category. In the left-hand menu, you’ll see all the marketplace categories, and you can check each one’s best sellers by clicking on them.

Recommended categories 

The following is a list of categories that sell like crazy. Maybe, because they are everyday things that are consumed on a worldwide scale and seldom need presentation. You can easily review and recommend them through your niche site:

A final recommendation

We recommend you evaluate affiliate rates before deciding to promote a certain product category to see if they fit your affiliate plan. Also, evaluate how profitable it is to promote such categories in the long run according to your marketing strategies.

Simply go to the Amazon associates program homepage and click on the “advertising fees” title under the “earn” section. There you’ll be able to see the “fixed standard program fee rates” per category and the “variable standard program fee rates for other products” per “number of products purchased in a given calendar month.”

Writing Content for your Amazon Affiliate Website

Despite their unconventional name, Amazon’s affiliate websites are nothing more than niche websites. Niche websites are sites created with the intention of getting found by people looking for predominant keywords in a given niche at any given moment.

Amazon affiliate websites are mostly described as review sites or comparison sites in the mainstream. It can be easy to be misled and think that it will be enough to pour out whatever positive thoughts you might have towards the products that you intend to promote or to simply create product comparisons in graphic chart form.

Unless you have a cult following of customers willing to buy anything at any given moment, you won’t have any type of success if you follow that common formula. Writing content for an Amazon affiliate website requires a technical approach, but there’s one thing we can assure you about. It’s not difficult to do if you follow the principles listed next!

Building Money Pages

Money Pages are pages on a niche website that are in charge of producing affiliate income. For Amazon affiliate websites, there is a set of basic elements that need to be included on a successful money page: Profitable Keywords, Great content, and pricing tables. Let’s take a look at each element on a purely individual level.

Profitable keywords: A profitable keyword is nothing more than keywords that willing buyers use when searching for information to buy a product. There is something really important to understand in order to create a profitable niche site. It is that people landing on your site are already in shopping mode.

They only need a little bump to make a purchase. If you get them more interested in what they are looking for, you’ll push them towards making a purchase.

This means that your profitable keywords need to be

A) The common name of the product or product category that you promote

B) Brand names

C) Keywords or phrases commonly used to make searches related to the product or product category that you promote

Great content

Great content means content that is customer-friendly and helpful. You’ll mostly be reviewing the products that you promote, so there is the stuff that you have to include on every piece of content on your money page.

Mainly, you have to mention the benefits of the products, and how they can fulfill the customer’s needs. Secondly, you have to structure your content in a way that your keywords fit naturally. If you don’t include them, or if you only include them on titles, your content will get buried underneath hundreds of search results!

Also, do not forget that your content needs to be lengthy, ideally 2,500 to 4,000 words long. This is to comply with Google’s Algorithm quality standards. It puts a higher value on long, well written, and well-structured content, which means that your money pages will show on the first page of Google’s results!

Pricing Tables

Pricing tables are a nice little trick that will function as a backdoor of sorts. Pricing tables work like an invitation. They seamlessly lure willing customers to click on a picture of a product that they want to buy, so they can complete the purchase that they were going to make in the first place.

You only have to show them the way! Pricing tables are simple to create. You just have to list similar products at the end of a piece of written content, each one featuring their corresponding picture, name, and price.

Final recommendation

As a final recommendation, we advise you to create comparison reviews featuring multiple products into a single piece of written content. This is because it is sometimes really difficult to fit 2,000, let alone 4,000 words into a review about one single product.

If you create multiple product reviews instead, you can easily dedicate 500 words to each product. This will also work great for customers researching a product before a purchase!

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