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Break Up or Make Up? Advice for Dealing With a Break Up Rationally

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Break Up or Make Up? Advice for Dealing With a Break Up Rationally

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People have many different ways of dealing with a break up, especially when you thought you had found “the one”. Many people become depressed, others hit the bottle or take drugs, some even attempt suicide with the vague hope that they might win him back, or get her back.

If you try any of these paths, chances are your ex will regard you as being totally out of control and irrational, that route rarely if ever works, and is not one of the best ways to get your ex back.

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Tips on Getting Back Together After a Break Up

You have two choices of course, you can find out how to move on after a break up or find ways of getting back together after a break up. If you choose the last course, you may be stuck for ideas. The obvious things often do not work, so you must sit down and analyze what went wrong before you can approach the problem. If it was just a silly argument, very often an apology will suffice after a little breathing space. You may both want to get back together, but neither of you wants to make the first move, don’t let the silence become prolonged.

If the problem was worse than that, it may take some good advice about what to do after a break up.

Ways to Get Your Ex Back

There is any number of ways to get your ex back and of course only you know what the cause of the split was in the first place, just as importantly, you know your ex. Everybody is different.

What works well for both parties is to give each other a breathing space of perhaps a couple of days, that way anger can subside and you can both come to terms with what it is like to be technically single again. At this stage you may find that either you or your ex is happier single, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Screaming, shouting and threatening are just not going to endear either of you to the other – it may even drive you further apart.

How to Move on After a Break Up

You may just chalk this up to experience after a few days, especially if you haven’t heard from him or her. Give it one last chance. You may have to apologize for something that was not your fault. This happens often in a successful marriage, and marriage is all about compromise. If you really want your relationship to end up in marriage, then it’s a good time to start learning about compromise!

Phones are impersonal and can too easily be turned off, or calls blocked and interrupted. Your relationship is obviously too important to you to risk a conversation cut off, so if you can, make your first meeting after your break up face to face. You can’t kiss a phone or hug an iPad, so consider inviting your ex to lunch.

Why lunch? Because it affords a certain amount of safety, you may both have to go back to work after and you are both less likely to have a drink. If you can get some flowers delivered to her office while you are both at lunch it is bound to get you in her good books if lunch was a success.

Dealing with a break up is always complicated and depends on both parties’ feelings. 

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