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4 Easy Alternatives to Generate New Leads for Your Business

222 0 18 Feb 2019

The spine of every thriving B2B business is the high-quality leads they can acquire through their promotion campaigns. While you can have all the paid traffic that you wish, if you are not capable to attract the right forms of prospects that are willing and prepared to buy what you’re offering, you’re going to have a complicated time generating the money flow your business requires to survive.

Social media goes on to be an effective way to produce more high-quality leads and originate a stable stream of prospects clicking by means of to your website. So, how can you exploit this? Here are 4 easy ways you can produce more leads for your business.


Henry Starks | Starks Marketing LLC.,

Top 5 Avoidable Mistakes in Blockchain Implementation

228 0 09 Nov 2018

In the last year, there were more then 85,000 blockchain projects started in the blockchain project ecosystem. Unfortunately, only eight percent of the projects are actively maintained. Even with the excitement surrounding blockchain technology, many blockchain project developers repeat the same mistakes when they try to implement their blockchain projects.

If you want to launch a blockchain project this year successfully, then you’ll want to avoid making these common mistakes.


Providing the Wrong Statement of Project During Token Introduction

Blockchain operates with data through the processing of tokens. A significant number of blockchain-based projects require tokens to be introduced, which is usually followed by an initial coin offering to obtain investments and gain capital for further development. Unfortunately, the following mistakes at this stage can lead to future problems. * Not specifying a mission, setting goals, or clarifying the meaning of the project. * Implementing a low level of product development * Having an insufficient resource investment * Lacking patience * Fear of making mistakes * A poor level of security

Wrong Decision on Blockchain Type and Consensus

Consensus with different sizes of blocks, configurations of nodes, and sequences of node competition are leading to new customers or private blockchains being created. Each has limitations of processing times, scalability, and support of smart contracts and security. A significant share of these projects introduces tokens with the Ethereum platform and later struggle to further the project with the creation of a solution. More projects are abandoned when they can’t find a solution.

Wrong Business Model

Some of the blockchain projects that fail try to recreate an existing centralized business model with blockchain technology underneath. The blockchain is a robust technology that needs a complete redesign of the business model. During the implementation process, teams are trying to invent blockchain under business models without changing them, which makes blockchain effectively useless.

Profitability vs. Cryptocurrency Return

There are two significant issues with profitability and cryptocurrency return. The first being that it is more profitable to gain cryptocurrency during an initial coin offering then to wait for an increase in prices. Secondly, due to the high volatility of cryptocurrencies, some projects end up suffering from a lack of financial resources because of the wrong financial management during implementation.

Wrong Market Estimations

Due to custom-blockchain immutability after deployment and smart contracts, some projects mis-estimate their token economics and types of incentives for users. Wrong predictions will lead to a significant drop in the economic value of the token and failure of the project. It is essential that you pay attention and avoid these common mistakes if you want to run your blockchain project successfully.

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You Are Not Perfect the Way You Are

191 0 09 Nov 2018

There are so many songs telling you you're perfect the way you are. There are so many self-help books telling you that there's really nothing to change. There is definitely no shortage of motivational speakers who tell you, "You are complete."

You need to set all that aside. In fact, if I wasn't being polite I would call them lies because that's what they are. They are lies because the more you believe in that, the more you wall yourself off from a meaningful change in your life.


I've got bad news to tell you. The only constant in life is change. That's the only thing you can bank on. That's the only thing you can rely on and can safely come back to again and again. It was true in the past. It's true right now. It will continue to be through long into the future.

Change is the only constant in life and it's a good thing because, with change, we can improve. Change is actually a promise. It doesn't matter how small you feel, how defeated you think you are, and how incompetent, ugly, and desperate things may be to you. With change, you can turn things around. That's what's so awesome about change.

I once met a homeless man on the streets of San Francisco and Los Angeles and I was working for an insurance company and he said something that really blew my mind. It changed my life. He was a guy who just had newspapers as his bed.

He lives a block away from my office. He said, "This too will pass." I looked at him. I looked at the situation and look at how desperate things seemed. And then it hit me like a crystal bullet in the heart. This too will pass.

There I was wearing an expensive suit, a nice silk tie, and I realized that this connects me and that homeless person. This the truth that connects all of us. What we think our reality is will pass because of change.

Instead of something that's scary, instead of something we have to run away from, it's something we should work with. How do we do that? How do we make a change? How do we make the deep and profound reality of change work for us instead of against us?

Well, it boils down to assumption. Choose your thoughts carefully because when you assume that you're perfect you cannot deny that change always happens. It's like a fire. We can't intimidate it. It will continue to rage. It will continue to burn. It will continue to march forward.

It doesn't care even if you acknowledge it or not. Sadly, when you think you're perfect the way you are, you end up getting burned by change. This doesn't just happen once. It happens again and again and again until you get the lesson.

What lessons are there to learn? First, assuming you're perfect means you're less likely to want to learn. I don't care how smart you are. I don't care how well you have it together. You need to keep updating your knowledge base. Otherwise, the world will leave you behind.

Given we live in the Internet age means information spoils quickly. Take the case of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You may be at the top of your game ten years ago. But SEO from 10 years ago will only get you banned or punished by Google today.

Keep with the times. Unfortunately, if you think you're perfect, you know everything. It prevents you from learning what you need to learn to keep up. Assuming you're perfect also means you're less likely to want to adapt.

The world is chaotic the world throws many curve balls at you. You need to move. You need to be quick on your feet but to assume that you're perfect means that you're just going to stand still. So you get hit with one ball after another.

Soon enough, there's blood all over the place and you are flat on your back. Not a happy ending. Assuming you're perfect also means you're likely to blame others. If you're perfect, it's everybody else's fault. They're imperfect. It's not my fault. I'm perfect.

Do you get the twisted logic of that? It's sad on so many levels. Most of all, it's sad because when you blame other people, you give them power over your life. Why? Well, if they're the ones who caused the problems, logically this means they are also the solution.

Well, reality check. It's bad enough controlling yourself. Can you imagine trying to control other people? Forget about it. Finally, assuming you're perfect means you're less likely to assume or believe life is unfair. I'm telling you. Life isn't fair.

It's rough. It's chaotic out there but the good news is that despite all this imperfection, there is beauty. There are sublime truths. There is profound peace you can attain but you should struggle for it. You should uncover it. You should work for it. You're not perfect. You never will be. Welcome to the club.

Henry Starks | Starks Marketing LLC.,

The Top Blockchain Technologies to Invest in Today

272 0 08 Nov 2018

Blockchain technology has the potential to change the world, from how proxies are voted to how stock exchanges function. Since the sudden rise of the popularity of blockchain, investors have been increasingly shifting to high gear, and wondering how they can profit from it. Although investing in blockchain has limited options compared to traditional commodities, there are still some investment options available.

Here are the top blockchain technology companies that you can invest in today.

Blockchain technology


This company was way ahead of the curve when it came to exploring digital currency ecosystems. BTCS is one of the first publicly traded companies in the blockchain technology and digital cryptocurrency in the United States. They’re also the first U.S. pure-play public company that is focused on blockchain technologies. BTL Group Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, the BTL Group was founded in March 2011, by Guy Halford and Hugh Halford-Thompson. The company focuses its energy on enabling enterprises on its propriety private blockchain platform, called Interbit. Interbit allows enterprises on the blockchain to build their own applications, focusing on audit, trading, remittance, settlement, and back-office processes.

Bitcoin Investment Trust

The Bitcoin Investment trust is designed for the well-refined investors to seek exposure to the price movement of bitcoin. They do this through a traditional and straightforward investment vehicle. The vehicle addresses the challenges of buying, storing, and safekeeping large quantities of bitcoins as an investment.

Global Arena Holding Inc.

GAHI is a holding company with businesses focused on software technologies and financial services. It acquires technologies, patents, and companies with the competence to leverage blockchain technology applications. It provides technology-enabled election services that target organized labor associations.

First Bitcoin Capital

First Bitcoin Capital was the first publicly-traded and blockchain-centered company. They want to provide their shareholders with various exposure to the different digital currencies and blockchain technologies. Their shares are traded on Over-The-Counter, OTC, as well as in the US Markets as BITCF, and in the crypto exchanges as BIT.

DigitalX Ltd.

DigitalX Ltd., has developed a secure ledger system and a suite of software solutions using blockchain technology to create products for global consumers and organizations. They have also developed a mobile product that assists consumers in securing cross-border payments. Blockchain technology has become a game-changer for operational processes across all types of businesses. Investing in the above-mentioned blockchain technology companies can be a strategic way to gain from the popularity of blockchain technology.

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Successful People Believe They Deserve Success

117 0 08 Nov 2018

What if I told you that there are certain people that don't think they believe they deserve good things to happen to them? I know it sounds crazy right. I mean who in their right minds would assume that they don't deserve the good things in life.

What kind of cancerous or toxic mental ideas are they suffering from for them to think this way? Believe it or not, this is not rare. Too many people sabotage themselves from achieving success because they believe they do not deserve success.


One common variation of this is thinking all your future success will be beyond your grasp since you screwed up royally in the past. It's just not going to happen. Forget about it. They believe in stigma.

They believe there are certain things you cannot do. If you do it in the past, you're sealed from any kind of success. You are a failure and you will continue to be a failure.

Now, they don't explicitly think about it in these terms but the effect is the same. They can't bring themselves to do something needed and to sacrifice something required for them to achieve great success in life.

Another variation of this is the Impostor Complex. This complex afflicts people who accomplished many things. They know how to write best-selling books. They know how to speak in front of large audiences. They know how to connect with people.

They know how to do the right things at the right time with the right people to produce the very best results. But deep down inside they feel they are impostors, frauds, fakes, hypocrites, or liars. They call this Impostor Complex, and it's real.

In fact, you only know less than Oprah Winfrey, herself who reported that she suffered from Impostor Complex. Deep down inside, it goes back to the same place. It goes to this burning idea of not deserving success.

Well, flip the script because the more you walk around with Impostor Complex or the self-sabotaging idea the less likely success will happen. Eventually, even if you have achieved great victories in the past, your Impostor Complex might catch up with you and erode your ability to make things happen.

It robs you of the enjoyment and immediacy of the feeling of success. You deserve success. Why? Well, you deserve it because you know how the pieces fit. I understand that you're feeling like a fraud right now.

I understand that you feel you're the biggest faker in the world but when you look around the room, who knows where the pieces fit? Who can see the big picture? Who can see where this is all headed? That's you.

That's why you are in the position you're in. Understand that. Embrace that fact. Others can work hard but they don't know how the pieces fit. They're smart people around you. They are hard workers. They sacrifice a lot.

They don't know how the pieces fit. You hold the key and that's why you're able to focus on providing value and this will make you feel more deserving. It is a value that people pay you for. It is the value that people keep you around for.

Focus on providing it and you will feel more deserving. Don't let the thought of not deserving to be successful, erode your confidence because you will disappoint and hurt many people. I know it sounds kind of weird but your success is their success.

When you provide value to them, they benefit. You should know your success defines your ability to provide value. If you let your Impostor Complex or your feeling you do not deserve success take over you, it will erode your competence because when your competence breaks down, you let other people down because you're giving them less value.

Starks Marketing LLC.,

Successful People Eagerly Ask For Help

168 0 07 Nov 2018

There’s a common mythology about success. They’re supposed to be independent. They’re supposed to be strong. They’re supposed to be lone thinkers.

It’s as if they came up with a vision of the future and through their own sheer effort, sacrifice, and focus, they turned that vision into reality. Well, that image of the heroic, maverick, and successful person happens from time to time.


It is far from the most common case of success. Successful people eagerly ask for help. They do this because they know they’re not jacks of all trades. They can’t do everything. They have specializations but they also know success requires other parts.

For example, if you want to be a successful online entrepreneur selling stuff online, you may be good at promotions, marketing, product selection, web design or affiliate marketing.

There are so many moving parts but chances are you probably will only be good at one thing or two things if you’re lucky. What do you do with the rest of the picture? Do you try to do a half-assed job with the rest of the pieces?

Your success is the sum of its parts and more. If you have only two good parts and the rest is junk, what do you think will happen? Successful people focus on their core competency. They focus on what they’re good at.

These are the linchpins of their success. For everything else, they ask for help. Help can come in many forms. You can delegate. You can outsource. You can collaborate. You can put up things for discussion and brainstorming and then come up with implementations.

Whatever the case may be for these other things, you’re not relying on yourself. You are tapping into the eternal truth that two heads are better than one especially for brainstorming and coming up with ideas.

Believe it or not, when you are in a room full of people and you’re trying to solve a problem, you solve the problem in a way that doesn’t add 1 to 1, 1 to 1 is 2. But when you are in a group of people, exponential ideas come about.

This should not be unexpected because people look at the world in different ways. Different people have different vantage points. They have different points of view. They have different experiences and this can be a very helpful resource.

Why don’t you do it? Well, most people struggle because of pride. That’s what it is. If you pick at that pride and dig deep, it leads to fear. Don’t let pride or fear hold you back from victory and success. That’s what you’re doing when you refuse to ask for help.

It doesn’t make you look weak. It doesn’t make you look like an idiot. It doesn’t make you look like you are a failure and screw up. It does none of that because even the most successful people eagerly ask for help.

I’m not just by asking for help. They eagerly seek it out. You’re not less of a person because someone helped you along the way. What’s important is you pay it forward. I’m not saying about paying back the person.

It’s more than that. It’s about paying it forward. When you become successful, there will be other people trying to be successful that you will encounter. Help those people because somebody who achieved success in the past helped you get on the way.

That’s how you pay it forward. If that person helped you once, help others a thousand times. A thousand different people, help them individually.

Henry Starks | Starks Marketing LLC.,

Future Uses for Blockchain That Will Shape the World

114 0 06 Nov 2018

Cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin and Ethereum, have become the talk of the town because they’ve accumulated hundreds of millions of dollars in value in just a few short years. Underneath these popular cryptocurrencies lies the blockchain technology, which combines cryptography with decentralized record keeping to create the first concept of digital property, that allows people to create unique, specific assets online. Creating a digital asset that is backed by blockchain technology is unique in that it can’t be copied or moved, which will change how the Internet will operate.

Here are just some of the ways that blockchain will change everything.


Movies, Music, and Books

Since the heyday of Napster, entertainment companies have been trying to deal with piracy issues that are destroying their business model. Before the Internet, entertainment companies could sell a movie or a record and know that they had sold a single copy to one person. Then came the Internet, where a single copy of a song could travel halfway around the world before the first chorus was sung. Blockchain may help to put an end to this. The same public ledger method that keeps someone else from spending your digital currency could also prevent them from playing or duplicating your favorite song.

Contract Execution

Ethereum, another popular cryptocurrency, is built on a self-executing contract, which allows two parties to reach an agreement and, upon fulfilling that agreement, the contract automatically transfers its currency tokens from one party to another. In simple terms, the self-executing contract could eliminate the need for enforcement of the agreement between parties because it would merely alert your bank upon performance, and everyone gets what they expected.

Identity Theft

In 2017, 16.7 million people were victims of identity theft. The problem is that the Internet has enabled and enhanced fungibility of personal information, which has become intensified by the centralization of information. If someone wants to steal your identity, they can target big companies like credit card companies, retailers, and tax records. Blockchain technology can help to solve this issue. The decentralized nature of blockchain allows documents to be stored on several servers rather than just one. Rather than asking for information that can be copied, like a social security number, computers would ask for access to the digital identity record instead. This would make it impossible for anyone without the key to being able to access the sensitive data. While the technology still needs to be developed more before it can be applied to something like opening a music file, the basics are there. The ability to introduce unique assets that no one can copy will change the way we interact with the Internet on a fundamental level.

Starks Marketing LLC.,

Your Past Mistakes Don’t Have To Define You

122 0 06 Nov 2018

I can’t even tell you how many people I come across who say, “I’m a failure”. “I don’t have it”. “I suck”. Life sucks. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer. Every single year, I get poor. I’m stuck.

These people are not low IQ individuals. They’re not ugly. There’s nothing in their appearance that makes them inferior. Instead, it’s their attitude that dooms them to a life of mediocrity, struggle, and frustration.


If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re feeling these things you’re feeling that your life follow a pattern where one day is basically the same as the day before it.

There’s really not much change in your life. Before you know it, you feel that you’re stuck in your life. It’s as if the script keeps playing over and over. It’s the same boring old movie again and again. Same movie, different day and then, comes the conclusion. Death.

I know it sounds depressing. It’s definitely discouraging but I want you to understand where that mindset leads to. It definitely doesn’t lead to a happy place. If there was any doubt before, now you have the answer.

People who screw up in the past think it seals the rest of their life. Your past mistakes don’t have to define you.

No matter how bad you screwed up in the past, it doesn’t have to hold you back unless you let it hold you back. When you keep repeating scenes in your head of being rejected, humiliated, embarrassed, betrayed or oppressed.

What do you think happens? Do you think you get justice in the here and now? Do you think you change the material fact of what happened in the past? It does not. It’s not like the movie Back to the Future and you got flying Delorean that you can jump into like Marty McFly. It doesn’t work that way. What happened in the past happened. What you can change is your interpretation.

What you can change is its effect on you in the here and now. Claim this power. The key to external change which is happening in you right now your appearance, your work, your business, the amount of money in your bank account, how big your house or apartment is.

All across the board is an internal change. Change your relationship with your past and you change your future. Does your past condemn you? Does it make you feel small, weak, and powerless?

Well, you can change how you interpret your past. Internal changes mean changing your thought patterns, assumptions, beliefs, and emotional habits. While it’s perfectly true that the world doesn’t care about your feelings, it cares about your actions.

It aims at results. Where do you think those results come from? It comes from your thoughts because when you think about your situation in a certain way; you end up in an emotional state. In that emotional state, you make certain decisions.

When you make those decisions, you change your world because you acted. What if you can change your thoughts? What if you can change your assumptions about your past?

Your life doesn’t have to feel like a runaway roller coaster where the moment where the moment you think about something negative, everything has to end up with a negative choice again and again and again.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Please understand that you are always in control because you can always choose how you interpret things. You can always choose what you think about. You can always choose what you dwell on.

Do not let go of that power. That would be the height of irresponsibility and I hate to say this and it’s painful because when I first realized it when somebody said it, it hurt me. It stung.

That was precisely the point because at that point I grew. You do it to yourself. You really do. I know it doesn’t make much sense. Who wants to live a frustrated life?

Who wants to feel this pain? But you do it yourself. The answer, stop doing it. Take responsibility. You can do it. Do something else.