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App Development for Internet Marketers

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App Development for Internet Marketers

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There are tons of additional skills that internet marketers should learn in order to maximize their influence and their branding.

For instance, learning to design can help marketers to build better websites and better logos. Similarly, learning to write can help them to fill their site with the kind of content that visitors and Google will love.

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And if you want to make yourself even more formidable, then you should look into additional skills too such as learning to code.

Many internet marketers will never think of coding as something that they should spend time on. But as we will see, this is actually a hugely important and beneficial skill… Especially if you learn app development.

Why Learn App Development

App development allows a business to create an app, which in itself is an incredibly powerful marketing tool. Apps will give you a place on the app stores and provide you with even more brand recognition as a result. If users install those apps, then they will be able to send notifications directly to the users’ phones and provide them with ways they can order products from their pocket. Even reading content is an easier experience on a mobile device! It’s also incredibly easy to get your apps onto users’ phones – especially thanks to Facebook’s CPA advertising that allows you to pay only when someone clicks on your ad and takes a specific action.

The ability to develop apps will also make you highly in demand, as it will mean that you can sell those skills as a freelancer – which is something countless companies are looking for.

How to Get Started 

So, with all that in mind, how do you get started?

First, you will need to pick your platform. I highly recommend that 99% of people reading this should start with Android, as the barrier to entry is lower (the fee is smaller, the approval process is nearly non-existent) and because it is by far the most widely used platform.

That means you’re going to need to download Android Studio, which will come with the Android ‘SDK’ (Software Development Kit). You also need the Java Development Kit, which is a piece of software that allows your computer to write and understand Java.

So, Java here is the programming language that you will be using. Install the JDK first. Android Studio meanwhile is an IDE – Integrated Development Environment – which means it will put everything you need to use all in one easily accessible place so that you can build your apps, test them, edit them etc.

The Android SDK provides the extra tools that will serve as a bridge between Java and the Android platform, but thankfully Android Studio sets this all up for you as you follow the installation instructions.

And now you need to start coding! Java is an immensely complex language for beginners, but fortunately, Android Studio makes things a little easier. Start by heading into the Design view for the file called activity_main.xml and you’ll see that you can add buttons, graphics and more and drag them around the screen.

Do a quick Google for ‘onClick’ to learn how to write code for people to interact with those elements. This code will go in the file called You’re now well on your way to building your first app!

internet marketers
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