5 Ways to Get More Followers on Snapchat

5 Ways to Get More Followers on Snapchat

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It is not surprising how social media has taken the world by storm considering the number of people on them. Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat, everyone and literally everyone is on it, from celebrities to politicians to sports personalities to even the janitor from the local school. It has certainly become the number one pass time for people of all ages.

While Twitter and Facebook have been the pioneers in the field of social media, they both are similar to a large extent. Allowing hashtags, tagging friends, and reposting, all features are alike. On the other hand, Instagram, another hit with the social media users, provides all the features that Twitter and Facebook have to offer, it also has an added feature of providing filters which is pretty cool.

But there is one app that has recently started to make a name for itself especially among young people and is very different from Twitter and Facebook, which is Snapchat. The only drawback of the app is that without the usual features such as reposting, hashtags, and tagging, it becomes very difficult for anyone to get more fans and friends on it until you are a celeb already. But as there are answers to everything, the solution to getting more people to follow you on Snapchat is also here.

The best way of getting more followers is to post your Snapchat code or username on other social media websites/apps such as Twitter and Facebook. Your snapcode or username can easily be reposted and shared there without any hassle.

Always sign into blogs using your snapcode image. While you keep posting on different blogs regarding different stuff, people would start recognizing you through your image and subsequently start adding you Snapchat. You can even change your profile picture of other apps to your snapcode image.

The things you write on blogs, post similar stories on your Snapchat account for your followers. For example, if you have an interest in sportswear, write about or post different pictures of them. Use the tagline and inform people of what you came across at a sports shop. This way the ones already following you would spread the word regarding your account for being the one that is displaying info about the latest sports gear in town. If you keep posting consistently, you never know, brands might get in touch with you to promote their stuff.

Have as many numbers in your mobile contacts as possible because just like most apps, Snapchat also connects people or tries to contact people with you via your contact book. So the more contacts you have automatically means a possibility of having more followers.

And lastly add your snapcode as your signature on WhatsApp, emails, or at any other outlet that allows you to. So whoever you message or email, your snapcode would go viral.

I hope you will find all these ideas useful and they will assist you in getting that number of followers ticking.

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