Toxic people can emotionally and mentally drain you. They have a negative impact on your well-being, relationships, and the overall quality of your life. It’s important to know the five signs that will provide you with positive identification of toxic people.

It might hurt when it’s someone who is family. Or it may have been someone you thought was a close friend of yours. One thing is certain, toxic people may be too difficult to fix.

It can even result in distancing yourself from them. Before taking the necessary actions, let’s take a look at the following five signs that you can find in toxic people.

1. Constant Criticism

Toxic people have a tendency to quickly criticize others. They rarely, if not at all, offer genuine compliments or constructive feedback. If you see yourself on the receiving end of constant negative comments or judgments that are harsh, it is certain that you are dealing with a toxic person.

This person will undermine your self-esteem, belittle your aspirations and achievements, and create a hostile environment. These will eventually lead to a loss of self-confidence.

2. Manipulative Behavior

When it comes to manipulative behavior, a toxic individual will have it. They will be good at it too. Such examples they’ll use include gaslighting, guilt-tripping, or even emotional manipulation.

If you notice this often, that’s another surefire sign of a toxic person. They will do whatever they can to plant the seeds of self-doubt, which can lead to conflicting emotions.

3. Lack of Empathy

One of the key components of any healthy relationship is empathy. A toxic person will lack it – making them unable to understand or care about another person’s feelings and perspectives. They may even go as far as to dismiss your emotions or even completely disregard your well-being.

4. Constant Drama

Here’s an analogy that might stun you: toxic people are to drama as plants are to water. It’s one of the things that they love. The reality is that it can create a lot of chaos – not only in their own lives but yours.

You do not need to be dragged into it. If you find yourself getting caught up in drama without asking for it, it’s a toxic relationship.

5. Violation of Boundaries

You have boundaries that you set. A toxic person will disregard them. They’ll go so far as to invade your privacy or constantly pressure you into uncomfortable situations.

If these aren’t obvious signs of a toxic person, then what are?