If you haven’t started using show notes for your podcast episodes, then you better read this entire article. Today, you’re going to learn the top 5 benefits of podcast show notes:

5 Benefits Of Podcast Show Notes

1. Show notes add extra detail and create more content for your audience

Podcast show notes are great for people who prefer to read or scan text rather than listen to an entire audio file. Making good notes allows your audience to catch up on details they might miss. So, if you want to establish and maintain a good connection with your audience, make sure you welcome them with well-written show notes.

2. It’s great for your site’s SEO

Show notes are great for SEO because they help search engines index your content. This means that there’s a possibility your content will move up in search results. So, if someone searches for something on Google and you happen to provide the kind of content they’re looking for, then Google is going to include your post in their search results. The more SEO-optimized your content is, the higher the probability that your content will move up in Google. This will ultimately lead to more people discovering your podcast, and your brand in general!

3. It helps you market your podcast

Uploading your podcast show notes on your blog will help you promote your show to even more people. You can add social media sharing buttons and add a call to action on your show notes to ask people to share your post. Make it easy for them to share your content. Add notable quotes from your show and upload eye-catching graphics that summarize your content. You’ll be more likely to get social media shares this way!

4. You can insert affiliate links in your show notes and earn some nice income on the side

You can earn additional income through your show notes while providing additional value to your listeners. When you write your notes, mention your recommended tools, software, books, websites, etc. that your listeners can access later. Add your affiliate links. When people buy your recommendations, you’ll get a commission! A word of advice though many affiliate networks require you to add an affiliate disclosure when sharing affiliate links.

5. You can link to your other episodes

Another awesome benefit of using show notes is that you can link to your past episodes and cross-promote your entire show. This is particularly helpful for people who are new to your show. This technique is great for your site’s user experience!